Security Essentials

Help ensure the safety of your family with these essential home security basics.

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Secure Encryption

SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology employs true, 128-bit encryption for a high level of security.

Easy to Maintain

Over-the-air updates provide efficient customer care, reducing the need for scheduled on-site visits.

Remote Diagnostics

System Health Check feature lets NorthStar monitor device signal strength, sensor settings, temperature and battery life anytime, anywhere.


Door / Window Sensor

This low-profile device provides superior protection, sending an alert or notification anytime a door or window is opened.


Motion Detector

Detects an intruder’s movement while letting pets up to 80 lbs. move freely about your home.


Glassbreak Detector

Detects the sound of breaking glass within 25 feet, providing an excellent first line of defense against intruders.